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About us


woman acupuncture at the back (small)

Xi Group was established since 2013 by a group of physicians who were trained and qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from renowned Chinese Medicine Universities in China. Under the branding of ‘Xi’, which means joyfulness or happiness, the word ‘Xi’ carries another meaning of ‘pregnancy or conceiving’, which is in lined with the expertise provided by Zhao Xi TCM Centre

Under the umbrella of Zhao Xi TCM centre, Xi TCM centre owns multiple brands which focus on various  health issues, including fertility problems, menses problems, menopause, anti-aging, wellness and all female conditions. Our approach to treatment includes the use of natural herbs, acupuncture, moxibustion, and other therapies to enhance your health naturally. Apart from women’s fertility issue, Xi TCM also specialised in male fertility issues. In 2013, Xi Fertility TCM Centre was established to focus on both male and female fertility enhancement and treatment, and had quickly become one of the leading Fertility TCM Centre in this region. Xi Women’s Health Clinic was established in August 2015 to focus on various female health issues, including menopause, anti-aging and menses problems.   In October 2015, we diversified our professional service to provide TCM Slimming & Beauty therapy,which is uniquely established by our TCM practitioners,


Established Xi Fertility TCM Centre – a traditional Chinese medicine establishment which provides TCM treatment , acupuncture and other complementary medicine to enhance the chance of pregnancy. Xi Fertility provides a holistic approach to getting patient pregnant naturally and enhances their chance of success whilst going through Fertility Treatment.


Established Xi Women’s Health TCM Centre – a medical establishment which specialized in female health issues such as menstrual disorders, fertility, menopause, anti-ageing and others female conditions.

Established Xi Slim & Beauty TCM Centre – a breakthrough concept which adopts TCM methods in slimming& beauty therapy. Using integrated & personalised slimming care plans, this method emphasize on the balancing and regulation of our body to achieve slimming and beauty effect, rather than deliberate dieting which can potentially have adverse effect on ones health

At Zhao Xi TCM Centre, We  adhere to the mission of providing professional care and treatment in TCM which is specially tailored to suit individual conditions.