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Fertility Boost – food

your ovaries and your fat cells regulate estrogen which affects ovulation if you’re too thin, you may not be producing enough estrogen , and if you are overweight or obese you may producing too much .

  • Switch protein sources: Replace some of the (animal protein)  like chicken ,beef or pork with vegetable protein sources such as cooked dried beans and nuts.

meat-2-a11692a8bdc076460c3ae9b917372678 beans

  •  high fat dairy:  try replacing one low-fat dairy serving per day with one high-fat serving, such as a glass of whole milk.
  • consume vitamins:Women in the study who regularly took iron supplements and multivitamins containing folic acid had less ovulation-related infertility.

Weight control


  • Unhealthy food intake—whether too much or too little—has been recognized as a contributing factor to infertility for many years.
  • Too little or too much weight can make your reproductive cycle irregular. That causes you to ovulate only now and then, or not at all.