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A decline in sperm count and quality can significantly impact fertility rates, leading to challenges in conception and increased reliance on assisted reproductive technologies.

How successful is acupuncture for male infertility?

Participants were given acupuncture twice a week over 8 weeks and the IVF/ICSI cycles were repeated. The fertilisation rates after acupuncture (66.2%) were significantly higher than that before treatment (40.2%) (P < 0.01).  

Reference: Siterman S et al Arch Androl. 1997 Sep-Oct;39(2):155-61 Archives of Andrology

#1 Testimonial: 6 months TCM treatment for improved sperm quality for upcoming IVF procedures. 

Referring to: Mr Mak Wai Lum, TCM Practitioner

Why sperm quality and quantity are important?

  • Family Planning:

When a couple is trying to conceive, having a sufficient number of healthy sperm increases the likelihood of achieving pregnancy.

  • Genetic Material:

Sperm carries genetic material from the father, including DNA and chromosomes. High-quality sperm with intact DNA reduces the risk of genetic abnormalities in the offspring and supports the healthy development of the fetus.

  • Embryo Development:

Healthy sperm with optimal motility and morphology contribute to the formation of a robust embryo, increasing the chances of successful implantation and pregnancy.

  • Reduced Risk of Miscarriage:

Poor sperm quality has been linked to an increased risk of miscarriage. Healthy sperm with normal morphology and DNA integrity are less likely to result in pregnancy loss during the early stages of gestation.

  • Reproductive Health:

Sperm quality can serve as an indicator of overall reproductive health in men.

  • Future Generations:

Poor sperm quality has been associated with an increased risk of certain health conditions in offspring, highlighting the importance of optimising sperm parameters for the health of future generations.

Testimonial: 82.76% improvements in semen parameters within 4 months

Referring to: Mr Anthony Wong, Lead TCM Practitioner

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