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Ms. Chia Mei Foong

Ms Chia Mei Foong graduated from KL Academy of Chinese Medical Practice and Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine where she was awarded with Bachelor Degree of Chinese Medicine.

As her passion towards Chinese Medicine grew stronger, Ms Chia went on to acquire clinician training at First Affiliated Hospital of Heilongjiang. During her practice as a trainee consultant, she had been given a chance to acquire knowledge about general women’s health illness, along with deeper insight on the respective treatments and regulations of PCOS, as well as infertility care under Professor Han Fong Juan.

With strong interest in human reproductive medicine, Ms Chia joined Xi TCM Centre upon returning to Malaysia which offers a great platform for her to help couples in fertility enhancement and treating women’s health related problems.

In addition, Ms Chia is actively involved in providing medical consultation and acupuncture treatment for patients in various charity events. She also expertised in treating infertility patients, insomnia and sub-health condition.