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Ms. Hoh Gar Ooi

Ms. Hoh Gar Ooi graduated from International Medical University (IMU) with Bachelor of Science
(Hons) in Chinese Medicine. She had completed 1 year of clinical internship in Shanghai Shu Guang
Hospital where she was assigned to different departments for clinical training in both western and chinese medicine.
Throughout the year, under the guidance of Dr. Deng Wan Li (Oncologist in Shanghai Shu Guang
Hospital) for 6 months, she developed high interest in Oncology while practicing the treatment
method to treat side effects that occur during/ post-chemotherapy and radiotherapy by using TCM
herbs and acupuncture. Her areas of expertise are TCM Internal Medicine, side effects during/ post-
chemotherapy or radiotherapy, TCM Gynaecology and Acupuncture.