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Ms. Jacqueline Ngu Pick Hei

Ms Jacqueline Ngu Pick Hei, is a First Class Honour graduate in Bachelor degree (Hons) of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Inti International University. She is a registered and professional physician and acupuncturist. She is specializes in gynecology and fertility issues including help to increase the success rate of western fertility treatment through TCM treatments. She was trained in Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China and completed her training in Province Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shan Dong and Affiliated Hospital of Shandong University of TCM which are well-known in gynecology and fertility (include collaboration of western and Chinese medicine). She had been trained in several clinics during her TCM course in Malaysia which strengthens her clinical skills and communication skills with different languages. She participated in Silent Mentor programme and 7th Silent Mentor Workshop which is organized by MILES. This workshop insight her knowledge on human anatomy which enhances her acupuncture skills. She joined charity service events and performed TCM treatments to the general public. She joined Xi Fertility TCM Centre since 2015 which offers her expertise in fertility enhancement, helping more couples to conceive and other women’s health issues.