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Ms. Kelly Ang Kai Lee

Ms  Kelly Ang Kai Lee graduated from University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) with Bachelor of Chinese Medicine. She completed a year of clinical training at Guang Xi First Affiliated Hospital of Chinese Medicine in China. Under the training of Ms. Wu Liang Bing, Ms. Kelly rotated through different departments within the hospital to ensure all rounded practical knowledge was gained and learnt to deal with different aspect of illnesses. In later period of her training, she practiced in the acupuncture department specialising in women’s general health diseases under the guidance of Professor Wei Liang Yu, an expert in gynaecology, pain diseases and slimming. 

Upon returning to Malaysia, Ms. Kelly joined Zhao Xi TCM and began as a physician of Xi Slim and Beauty TCM Centre. Aside from slimming and beauty, she specialised in treating infertility caused by PCOS, irregular menses related to obesity, acne problem, migraine and insomnia. With her knowledge and experience in enhancing women’s health, Ms. Kelly continues as a physician of Zhao Xi TCM Centre, specialising in fertility enhancement and regulation of women’s health.