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Ms. Ling Ying Sia


Ms Ling Ying Sia is a highly qualified, professional Chinese Medicine practitioner and acupuncturist who specializes in gynecology. She is passionate to care for your genealogical needs throughout life and your journey of pregnancy.

She undertook 7 years of training at the renowned Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine where she obtained Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Certification in Acupuncture and TCM Massage, and Master’s Degree in Gynaecology.

While in China, Ms Ling undertook 2 years of clinical training at Shanghai Yue Yang Hospital (China’s Class A tertiary comprehensive integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine Hospital) under the supervision of Professor Zhang TingTing and a well-known gynecologist in Shanghai, Wang CaiWen. As a result, Ms Ling has been widely exposed to various gynaecological diseases, and has acquired extensive experience in this area. Throughout the training, she has broadened her skills and knowledge in treating gynaecological diseases with TCM, as well as developing her confidence in becoming a TCM gynecologist.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Ms Ling joined University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) as a TCM lecturer. She has been active in community services such as offering voluntary medical consultation and talks. In 2015, she joined Xi Fertility to offer her expertise in women’s health problems and fertility enhancement.