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"When my husband and I received the diagnosis of 0% sperm motility in December 2022, it felt like a major roadblock on our path to starting a family."

In facts, male factors (including low sperm motility) contribute to around 50% of all infertility cases. Sperm motility, the ability of sperm to move efficiently, is crucial for fertilisation.

Not only did this diagnosis severely impact their chances of conceiving naturally, but it also meant that even advanced reproductive technologies like IVF (in vitro fertilisation) had a reduced or very little chance of success.

Turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Instead of just accepting the situation, Mr & Mrs Leang decided to look into different treatments and ended up going for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which eventually gave them a bit of hope.

In the couple’s words: “We had heard from friends and through stories about how it successfully addressed a range of health issues, including fertility problems, without needing to resort to surgery or heavy medications.” Encouraged by these stories, the couple sought out a well-known TCM practitioner, Mr Mak Wai Lam, who was recommended within their community.

The Experience with TCM

How Mr Leang felt about the treatments: “Mr Mak Wai Lam didn’t just look at the medical issue but considered all aspects of our life, including emotional and environmental factors that could be impacting our fertility.

The treatment plan was quite different from anything we were used to. It involved herbal remedies, specific changes to our diet, and regular acupuncture sessions focused on enhancing overall vitality and specifically targeting sperm health.”

Seeing Positive Changes

Three months into the treatment, the couple started to see improvements. A test in March 2023 showed that the husband’s sperm motility had increased to 8%. By July 2023, it was up to 9%. These numbers might still seem small, but in their case, they were huge. Each little bit of progress gave them more hope and motivation to keep going.

December 2022: 0% Motility (No movement)
March 2023: 8% Motility (Absence of progression)
June 2023: 9% Motility (Swimming in small circle)
July 2023: 9% Motility (Sluggish movement)

Reflecting on Mr & Mrs Leang TCM Journey

This journey with TCM has changed them in many ways—it’s not just about the improvements in the lab results. It’s about feeling more balanced, healthier, and positive about their future. The approach has improved their overall quality of life and how they think about health and well-being.

What Comes Next

Although they haven’t achieved their dream of having a child yet, but they’re not giving up. They plan to continue with the TCM treatments and are hopeful about the future.

Mrs Leang: “We believe that we’re on the right path, and we feel empowered knowing that we are doing everything we can. For other couples facing similar challenges, it’s worth considering all options, including TCM. It could just be the turning point you need, as it was for us.”

Referring TCM Practitioner:

Mak Wai Lam
International Medical University

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